Worker Id : 4463
Provided By: adel 

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Availability: Available

Category:  BARISTA

Work In Gulf Countries:No

 Skills: The spirit of work I love my colleagues at work I bear the pressure of work I care about the addition of the place and my personality I draw on a cappuccino I am very interested in working hours

 Expected Salary: 3000SAR/Month

  Job Type: Part Time

Category: BARISTA

 Nationality: Yemeni



 Religion: Muslim

 Spokan Language: English,Arabic

 Resident in:Albania


 Education: Highschool

  Employer: I work as a barista in Angelina Press Restaurant for 2 years, and I work as a barista for Berts Restaurant and Café for 2 years. I work as a barista for the White Rose Hotel for 6 years, and I taught Al-Salem Regency Hotel for 3 years. My skill is to draw on cappuccino.

 Total Experience:6