About Us

About us

What does "Dawerlee" word mean?

As the world we are living in constant change, we eventually become busier and busier everyday. thus, household helpers (hired workers) are extremely essential. To find and hire suitable helping workers, we needed to scroll into hundreds of websites, and plan visits to tens of employment agencies. Yep! That USED to be the long excruciating process of finding and employing the helpers we needed. That’s where the idea of “Dawerlee.com” came from. “ Dawerlee” is an Arabic word meaning “search for me”. Dawerlee.com allows users to easily find and hire workers in one place with a click of a button. 

Why do we use it?

All users (individuals or workers representative agencies) can post a worker’s profile for people to hire. Dawerlee.com offers a lot of functions to users. Contacting the workers' representatives have never been easier, with real-time messaging system within the website. Manage your worker's profiles and hire requests on the go with the mobile compatibility feature. Our goal is to make finding and hiring workers easy, swift and quick.

Where does it come from?

We are based in the country of Kuwait. We know that Dawerlee.com is THE place for finding and hiring workers based on the individual's needs.